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Why Local Businesses Need To Watch This FREE Video

Its About A Strategy Just for Local Businesses

We have specifically designed this strategy for local small businesses and not the corporate giants.  We do this because the uniqueness of the local businesses enhances the overall visitor experience.

It Exposes  a Lucrative and Abundant Market

Tourists and Visitors are guaranteed spenders.  There is a 100% chance that they are going to spend money.  The only question is where will they spend it.

It Confirms That You Have to Have A Plan

Because the guests to your city are guaranteed spenders, if you don't have a plan to serve them, those dollars will freely flow to another business that does have a plan.

The 6 Reasons We Call Tourists and Visitors the "Nearly Perfect" Customer

Guests who visit your city can be an incredible boost to your Income Statement.  The list below explains why we contend that they are "nearly" the perfect customer. 

1. Tourists and Visitors Are Guaranteed Spenders

Tourists are guaranteed spenders; there's a 100% chance they will spend money while in town. This financial commitment presents a significant opportunity for businesses to capture a share of their spending.

2. Tourists And Visitors Have Liquid Disposable Income

Tourists and visitors typically have spending money in their pockets, providing businesses with a customer base that is ready and able to make purchases. This disposable income makes them valuable customers for local businesses.

3. Tourists and Visitors Tend to Spend Impulsively

A substantial portion (69%) of tourist and visitor spending is unplanned and impulsive. This behavior creates a dynamic market where businesses, through strategic positioning and visibility, can capture spontaneous purchases from this lucrative group.

4. Tourists and Visitors Compose an Enormous Market Size

The sheer volume of tourists and visitors, often surpassing the local population, represents an enormous market opportunity. With millions of potential customers, businesses can significantly expand their reach and customer base.

5. Tourists and Visitor Offer Diverse Spending Categories

Tourists allocate their spending across various categories, including food and beverages (26%), shopping (22%), and entertainment (21%). This diversity allows businesses in different sectors to benefit from the tourist market

6. Tourists and Visitors Allow Room for Local Small Businesses

Even small businesses, by strategically positioning themselves and being visible to tourists, can compete effectively. With the right approach, these businesses can stand out and attract customers in a market traditionally dominated by larger entities.

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...Learn why NOT HAVING a T&V Strategy is far too expensive.

After viewing Meeting the Perfect Customer:  A Strategic Approach to Driving New Foot Traffic Through the Doors of Your Local Business, you'll understand and agree that not having a T&V Strategy is costing you dearly every month because the most expensive item you have in your business is an empty seat.  So, not allowing thousands of visitors to have a seat is nonsensical.  

But, unfortunately, these tourist and visitors don't even know that you exist, and they don't have a way of learning that you exist.  So, no matter how many visitors come into the city, they will NEVER spend money with you because NO TOURIST has any reason to work hard to find an invisible, non-existent business.  That's a very expensive problem to have.


  • 1
    Conventional wisdom says that, "You'll never miss what you never had." That is a very true statement until someone with greater than conventional wisdom let you know that, "You don't know what you're missing." Without a T&V strategy you're missing lots of dollars in your cash register
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    The goal is for you to be at the front of the line, but without a T&D strategy you won't even be in the game.  You will continue to be completely invisible to every tourist that comes into your area. You're not even in contention for these dollars because no one can buy anything from a business that is invisible to them.
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    Every state in these United States has a division devoted exclusively to driving A new and fresh crop of visitors into the state to increase its tax coffers. Every major city and many smaller cities have similar divisions for the same purpose. They are usually very successful. Without a TV strategy it doesn't even matter to you or your business.
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    We are convinced that not having a T&V strategy is a costly mistake that is simple to remedy. However, if you don't fix the problem, you are perfectly positioned to make the same mistake again and those dollars will be rewarded to another business that does, in fact, have a T&V strategy

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Led by John W. Woodall, Jr., JD, MBA, this effort was founded on the observation that many local small businesses do not benefit from the economic benefits of tourist visits to our city. Despite the significant economic impact these occasions bring, this prosperity often bypasses our local businesses, which are vital in shaping the distinctive character of our city.

At Pinnacle Endeavours, we are committed to changing this narrative by equipping businesses with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in this dynamic environment. Join us in our journey to transform local businesses and enhance the economic landscape of our city.

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