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Just Tell Your Boss, Family Member or Friend About Us
We’re willing to pay you for something that you probably take for granted – a relationship. And to do something you probably would have done anyhow – help a friend or family member. But your relationship has value to us so we’re willing to pay you to help a friend. This is a situation where it’s not necessarily what you know, it’s who you know. You see, you know some people we need to know. And you’ll soon agree that some of the people you know, … really need to know us... That makes YOU a valuable missing link in our company.

We Help Our Small Business Clients Get New Tourist and Visitor Business 
We only do one thing. We help local small businesses, in and around, Indianapolis get tourist and visitors to the city of Indianapolis walking through their doors. Because last year nearly 29 million tourists and visitors spent a whopping $5.4 BILLION while they were in our city? But most local small businesses never saw any of that money in their cash registers. That’s a problem.

We're Keeping It Real Simple
But we can help and that’s where you come in. You know people we don’t know. Some of them are businesses we can help. We’re asking you to play matchmaker. We’re not asking you to sell anything, we just want you to introduce us to your employer, friends or relatives. Have them give us a call and the moment they become one of our clients we’ll pay you $50 for each referral. Simple enough? 

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You Know Someone We Need To Know.
Become A Pinnacle Endeavours Referral Partner.

Truly A Win-Win-Win Situation


Those 29 Million visitors spent the large majority of the $5.4 billion on food, shopping and entertainment.  However, they can’t spend any of it with a business if they don’t know it exists.  But because tourist and visitors are only in town for a very brief time we help local small businesses with  a strategy in place to put their business in the flow of that tourist traffic.


The city of Indianapolis loves this tourism explosion.  The city is collecting tax revenue, and more income tax generating jobs are created.  So, what the city wants each of the 29 million visitors to leave with a positive guest experience and a plan to come again.  Usually, this kind of opportunity would only be available to the multi-billion dollar multi-state corporations.  But if visitors are to experience the “true flavor” of Indianapolis, they can’t simply go to the same restaurants and shops they can go to at home.  And that’s why the local small business is so important to the city.  The uniqueness of the experience of a business that you’re not going to find anywhere else in the world will set us apart from every other destination in the world.  


You know people we need to know. And now you know a little bit more about us. You also know that if you work at a local small business, your boss needs to know about us. If you have a friend or family member who works for, or owns a local small business, they need to know about us. You know people we need to know. And we believe that you wold tell them for free just to help just to help them out. However, we want to reward you for your effort. So, we are more than willing to pay you $50 for a simple introduction. We just ask you to tell them about us, ask them to go to our website and set up a time to speak with us over the phone. They can even view our 20 minute e-Presentation Webinar that explains what we do in detail. If they become a client, we’ll send you $50. It’s that simple.

Someone You Know Needs To Know Us.
Become A Referral Partner

Why We're Using A Grassroots Marketing Approach

We know that small business owners wear a lot of hats and they work very hard. For them time is extremely valuable.   This is challenging for us, as a company, because developing business relationships from a cold start can take some of the time that they can’t afford to lose.  Consequently, it is usually difficult for business owners to find time to develop new relationships with company’s offering new concepts or ideas.  So rather than reaching out to the business owners, we’re reaching out instead to people who might have an existing relationship with the business owners and we’re betting that they wil tell them the good news about what we’re doing.

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